New Collection
We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you: ARIDON GROUP is preparing a stylish surprise for fashion enthusiasts!

Starting from August 15th, you will be able to discover the latest and most refined collection in all of our stores. You'll discover an universe of elegance created with passion and attention to detail. Whether you're seeking a sophisticated look for special occasions or simply want to reinvent your everyday wardrobe, rest assured you will find what represents you here. For a memorable shopping experience, we have prepared iconic pieces that will capture everyone's attention, along with versatile and comfortable options. Explore vibrant colors, high-quality materials, and innovative cuts, all skillfully integrated into our collection. Each item becomes an expression of individual style, and you are the ones who bring our collection to life.

Express your personality through each piece you choose. We warmly welcome you to our stores, starting from August 15th, to discover your authentic style with ARIDON GROUP.

ARIDON company was established in 1992 in the Republic of Moldova, and currently operates successfully in several fields of activity.
The biggest achievement of our company is the import of clothing and accessories and the development of the ARIDON store network. Our collections are adapted to everyday needs, but also to the latest trends, so in the ARIDON stores you can find perfect items for every taste. Today, the ARIDON chain of stores counts four stores, three of which are in Chisinau and one in Balti.

In addition to developing its own brand, ARIDON is the official distributor of several internationally renowned brands, among the most famous are: Lee, Wrangler, Mavi, JACK & JONES, VERO MODA, Levi's, Celio, Colin's, OVS Kids, ONLY. All these brands reunite under the umbrella of Aridon multibrand stores, but also as independent stores, in the case of brands like Levi's, Celio, Colin's, JDY, OVS Kids, Lee Wrangler, AG Concept.

ARIDON company has broadened its horizons to another field of activity, International Freight Transport. Today we offer our own transport services, together with reliable partners from Turkey and China.
We specialize in the transport of goods both internally, intra-communitary and extra-communitary, while offering a wide range of logistics options such as: land transport, sea transport, air transport.

The youngest branch of the company is Real Estate Transactions. Our team offers you the opportunity to invest in real estate, in safe and advantageous conditions. We offer our clients specialized advice in the real estate field, as well as the best investment opportunities.
We are happy to work with you in any of the above directions!

Teamwork is what makes ordinary people capable of unusual results.
Executive Director
Inga Ous
The secret of a successful team always lies in the attitude of the basic pillar
Commercial Director
Olga Girbu
Chief accountant
Cristina Adasan
Head of Department
Andrei Morari
Head of Department
Angela Vulpe
To evolve and be successful, you need to know how to share smiles. They make a difference, even in the most complicated tasks.
To reach the heights of success, you need work, devotion and of course love for your job!
Choose an occupation you love and you won't have to work a single day of your life!
One of the great secrets of success is to do what you love!
Andrian Ciorici
Head of the construction department
Without a doubt, the ultimate reward of life is the chance to work hard at something that is well worth your effort.
Andrei Titirenco
Head of international transport department
The pleasure of work brings
its perfection!
Head of real estate department
Sandu Sbircioc
Get to work with all your heart and you will succeed. The competition is so small!
Head of Department
Vasile Pislari
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